Since 2011 TheSneakersBox is an online sneaker project curating unique and underexposed sneakers, brands, events and stores from around the globe.  25+ years of experience has created a place to discover exclusive and general releases, and the best sneaker boutiques from around the world.

In 2017 we released the first printed and online sneaker listing: “TheSneakersBox - A Guide To Sneaker Culture”, specifically for the sneaker lovers and enthusiasts. The book, website and App are the world’s first guide into the sneaker culture that includes feature sneaker stories on the culture, events, artists and over 1,000 international sneaker boutiques.

In 2020 we created TheSneakersBox Marketplace to provide an online platform for the latest sneaker brands and designers. When you shop the collection of styles you will be exposed to established sneaker brands, unique and general releases, and dynamic new designers from the best sneaker boutiques around the globe, because "when you buy sneakers, you're not buying just a pair of shoes...“.